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"I learned more in six weeks coaching with you than I have in three years selling real estate." - Kelsey Smith

If you want to step off the real estate roller coaster, cut the overwhelm, and be a confident business owner, I’m here to help. 

I help agents sell more real estate and live lives of freedom through training that embraces three principles:

CLARITY - targeted, exact, proven strategies and easy-to-implement tactics. Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm, and hello to clear and focused action.

CONFIDENCE - customized, heart-led training that puts you the PERSON first. No more one-size-fits all training that operates on shame and blame. Say goodbye to struggling with insecurity and self-doubt and hello to YOUR plan.

CONSISTENCY - stay on track with your Success Path that always keeps you moving forward. Never again will you take training that seems like a great idea and then sits on the shelf collecting dust.

SHINE Mastermind Community

SHINE is the place for smart, motivated real estate agents to get clarity, gain confidence, and have consistent success in business and life.

Start with my two signature courses - Sell More Live More Academy and Brass Tacks Mastery Sessions where you learn the latest in marketing, proven and winning systems, and how to leverage your unique strengths to build a consistent and scaleable business.

Get all of the social & group engagement calendars, tools, templates, swipe files, book reviews and more 

Then graduate to the SHINE Mastermind, where we’re obsessed with *implementing* everything you’ve learned, in a fun and straightforward approach. 

   - monthly membership -

   - $295/month -

   - or $2,995/year -



One-on-One Coaching

Two 45 minute one-on-one calls per month. 

If you are a coachable, positive, heart-centered real estate agent, eager to improve your business and life, I'm here to help.

My coaching is based on proven success, new and creative strategies, and building out practical solutions for their real estate business.

Targeted strategy geared to your unique situation. This includes system creation, mindset transformation, custom copywriting, team support, and anything else you need.                 

Includes access to the SHINE Mastermind Community

   - $790/month -

   - or $7,995/year -

   - minimum 6 month commitment recommended



VIP Days

For agents, brokers, and teams who don’t want to wait.

Revamp your entire business in ONE DAY. 

Develop and solidify your start-to-finish success systems for both sellers and buyers.

Discover and solidify your strengths, brand and voice, and leverage your strategies into tactical plans.

Leverage and scale with assistants and team members. 

Includes advance assessments and surveys, all systems, summary strategy plan documents, all of my swipe files.

One year’s access to the SHINE Mastermind Community is included.      

   - $4,995 -

   - One full day (min. 7 hours), with advance assessments, follow up summary and 30-day check in.

**All prices in USD, with GST included. 


"Connecting with Sara is refreshing and energizing. Sara has a way of supporting and holding you accountable to yourself. If you even put into place 10% of what she shows you. You will see a difference in your business. If you put in place % 100 of what she shows you LOOK OUT! She walks you through step by step the systems that you need to create an amazing customer service experience. Sara is the right fit for you if you want to wow your clients and feel proud of your real estate business."

Danielle Jones
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

"Sara Kalke sees you where you are. She has an incredible talent of supporting you and guiding you to achieve what you want to achieve. You want more time ... she can help you carve it out. You want to develop a more targeted sales system ... she’s got you. If you are looking for a real estate coach who can guide you to be your best version of you Sara’s Sell More Live More Academy is a life changer."

Ginny Lee Deptula
Niceville, Florida

"If you feel you are uncoachable, you found the right place. Not only is Sara all about the nuts and bolts of taking your business to the next level, she has an uncanny ability to drill in on the root of what has stopped you. Sara's course, and the people she brings together, are the missing link in the broken chain of the real estate professional."

Cynthia McGiverin
Ottawa, Ontario

"My business is exactly where I want it to be...I can work, travel, enjoy my family...and I have Sara's guidance and the Shine Team's positive influence to credit. My level of business is where I want it to be, consistently. This is a great program for both newbies and realtors who have been in the trenches for many years. I highly recommend any one of Sara's programs."

Debbie Van Wyck
Orangeville, Ontario

"I have no words to express my thanks to you. Sell More, Live More and Brass Tacks have completely changed my business and I have never had a better year. (I’m 4 deals away from the platinum award...something I never dreamed possible, especially with 3 kids under 6, during a pandemic, recession and all by myself with no assistant or help) So THANK have changed mine and and my family’s life."

Janelle Kohlman

Sara's Podcast

Meet the leading women in the industry as they sit down with Sara to chat on the Badass Women of Real Estate podcast

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